As from the end of June, the leading fashion online retail store in the Czech Republic is issuing bonds that have a total value of CZK 150 million. The bonds have a four-year maturity and an interest rate of 6.5%. Once admitted, they will be listed on the Prague Stock Exchange. The issue is managed by BH Securities.

We decided to go ahead with a public bond offer after issuing a pilot supply of bonds at the end of last year which happened to be very successful.  The bonds last year amounted to CZK 80 million and were offered only to a limited group of investors. The fact that they were sold within a fortnight made us realise that there would probably be an interest in our bonds even among the wider public,” explained ZOOT’s co-owner and Financial Director, Petr Ladžov.

Together with the Czech National Bank, ZOOT has put together an in-depth prospectus which provides all the necessary information concerning the investment. Such a prospectus is required by all issuers of public bonds and is subject to the approval of admittance to the Prague Stock Exchange listing.

A Pioneer among Online Stores

At present, as far as we know, there is no other large player among the Czech online stores to have issued public bonds. We believe that ZOOT bonds will be attractive for both natural and legal persons thanks to  them being an interesting form of capital growth, having a low risk of failure, and also that they’ll give investors the opportunity to become involved in the further development of the Czech Republic’s third most popular brand,“ added Petr Ladžov. The company’s management has set and fixed the minimal investment amount to CZK 50, 000.

ZOOT’s venturing into unusual business steps has proved to be worthwhile.  Thanks to its unique omni-channel concept that combines the best from the online and offline worlds, last year the company reported record annual revenue of CZK 706 million excluding VAT. This means a 56% annual growth rate since 2015. In previous years, ZOOT’s annual growth even reached 100%.