Does my bum look okay in these trousers? What should I wear to my best friend’s wedding? I have nothing to wear! Does that sound like you? Select what you would like us to help you with and fill in the required details. Our stylist will then contact you and make you look wonderful at one of our Prague based Try & Buy stores!

Do you stand in front of a full wardrobe and just don’t know what to wear? ZOOT has decided to combat fashion indecisions and shopping dilemmas by offering the services of a personal stylist, free of charge.

The Czech company ZOOT offers the services of a personal stylist to both women and men alike. Women select a “course” that suits their needs just right, whether it be a need to find the perfect outfit for a special occasion or just a word of advice on what clothes are best for their body type. And men don’t even have to opt between courses! All they have to do is simply ask for some “styling” tips.

“At first, we offered personal stylist services to our VIP customers only. In the first week we noted over 40 orders made, which clearly indicates that people do not only want to buy fashion, but they’re also happy to be given some stylist tips. We will offer this service to all our customers by the end of September”, said Pavlína Louženská, Marketing Manager at ZOOT.

This aspect of customer satisfaction will be cared for by a team of experienced stylists. Any customer that enters their contact details will be contacted by a stylist within three working days. The service of a personal stylist is free of charge and works like all purchases made at ZOOT. This means, the customer only pays for the items he or she really wants, after consultation and trying them on, at one of the Prague based Try & Buy stores.