ZOOT won the silver medal at GES Awards 2017 in Barcelona

June 14th, 2017 – The Global E-commerce Summit organized in Barcelona is the annual global event where established brands and retailers, entrepreneurs, ecommerce experts from emerging markets and award-winning e-commerce players of the world gather.

This year, GES Awards were presented in 2 categories: Global E-commerce and European Entrepreneurial Awards.

Yesterday, 13th June 2017, the winners of both cathegories were announced.



Thanks to winning czech  E-Commerce Awards 2016 for being the most innovative and most original e-commerce player in 2016, ZOOT, with its marketing director Jiří Caudr, was the only player from the Czech republic in Barcelona representing European Entrepreneurial Awards section. ZOOT won the silver medal and became the second most successful business in its cathegory.




We are proud to be the only representative of the Czech republic here in Barcelona. It was a pleasure for us to be here and we are happy for the second place. The athmosphere was amazing and the jury was totally objective. The winner of our cathegory, Chabla, a business representing Finland that connects the deaf and interpreters for global communication, is a strong story,” said Jiří Caudr, marketing director of ZOOT.




Winners were selected by a panel of e-commerce industry experts in tandem with real-time audience participation. In addition to industry recognition, winners will also be featured in major industry publications, as well as have featured articles in Global E-commerce Facts.



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