ZOOT announced new Head of Marketing. Jiří Caudr is on the board.


February 23rd, 2017 – ZOOT, the leading Czech fashion online store, will have a new Head of Marketing. Jiří Caudr has been appointed for the position and from March 1, 2017 will replace Pavlína Louženská.



As from September 2015 Jiří Caudr was the Head of Marketing and Online Communications at the company O2. He is about to change segments and will now be the new Head of Marketing at ZOOT.


I see huge potential in online shopping, and I’m definitely not alone in this as the online market is rapidly growing annually by percentages in the high tens. My goal is to get even more people enthusiastic about shopping from the comfort of their own homes. I’ll mainly be pointing out ZOOT’s exceptional propositions like the unique customer service that it offers in the form of its Try&Buy stores, its automated shopping process, plus its creative and inspirational content,” said Jiří Caudr.
Pavlína Louženská, who held the position Head of Marketing Communications at ZOOT for two years, is leaving the company. A number of successful campaigns arose during her time as Head of Marketing. Among the most pronounced were #zazitveci (#experiencethings), SOMETHING for Christmas, and #proctonezkusit (#whynottryit). The marketing approach at ZOOT is unique thanks to the combination of strong outsourcing campaigns, excellent marketing content, and ZOOT Magazine issues serving as the flagship. As for my position, well, I’ve wanted to take on a new role for quite some time now, so it’s great that we found Jirka”, said Pavlína Louženská.




Jiří Caudr


Jiří Caudr is new Head of Marketing