Prague, November 1, 2016 – Place an order and have it in your hands the same day!, the biggest fashion retail store in the Czech Republic, has, up until now, offered same-day delivery only to its Prague based Try&Buy stores. However, as from mid November 2016, ZOOT plans to add another benefit to its year-round free delivery by offering same-day delivery service to areas that reach beyond the borders of Prague and indeed the Czech Republic.

“Today, same-day delivery service is a common practice for many large e-shops. And so, as part of our pre-Christmas sales plan, we are speeding up our whole process, too. The idea is based on current online shopping trends. Customer service trends are all heading towards free delivery and speedy processing and so, an express delivery service should rightfully be a part of this”, said Pavlína Louženská, the Marketing Director at ZOOT.

Deliveries to Prague-based Try&Buy stores within 3 Hours of an Order Made

During the pre-Christmas season ZOOT delivers orders to its 8 Prague-based Try&Buy stores 4 times a day. Customers can thus pick up their package about 3 hours after placing their order. ZOOT plans to introduce this same-day delivery service to Try&Buy stores located in other regions of the Czech Republic on November 15- which is the date of Free Shipping Day 2016. “It’s pretty obvious that a one-day event like “Free Shipping Day” help to radically increase the profits of e-shops. We offer this feature to our customers 365 days of the year and so, our same-day delivery is our next step to enhance customer experience,” added Pavlína Louženská.

ZOOT’s new service will not only be availabe within the regions of the Czech Republic but abroad as well. By the end of this year, same-day delivery will also be available at the Bratislava-based Try&Buy store in Slovakia. ZOOT is thinking about making this express same-day delivery service a fixed component in its services by next year.

Bratislava is an important location for us seeing as a considerable amount of orders come from there. And making improvements to our customer service is always a worthwhile investment”, said Libor Hudeček, Chief Logistic Officer at ZOOT

Weekend Deliveries

ZOOT’s unique omni-channel concept combines the best of the online and offline worlds. Thanks to its widespread network of Try&Buy stores, customers can try on their chosen items before actually purchasing them. Currently, ZOOT has a total of 33 Try&Buy stores; 17 in the Czech Republic, 8 in Slovakia and 8 in Romania. It plans to open another 5 by the end of this year; 3 in the Czech Republic, 1 in Slovakia and 1 in Romania. In the pre-Christmas period the Try&Buy stores will extend their opening hours to include weekends. Orders will be delivered to them not only on weekdays, but on Saturdays and Sundays as well.

Over 70% of orders go through ZOOT’s Try&Buy stores. In Slovakia over 60% of orders are delivered to its Try&Buy stores. “Providing a more speedy delivery of orders will not only improve our customer service, but it will also bring an influx of new customers: the ones that have been using courier service to date”, added Libor Hudeček.