ZOOT ranks # 20 in Czech Republic’s Best Company in Terms of Customer Service

September 10th, Prague – KPMG, the largest advisory and audit company in the Czech Republic, compiled a research based on customer experience in the Czech Republic.  The survey titled, “Fair play: Czech Republic’s Top 100 Best Customer Experience Brands 2017” was conducted in the first quarter of 2017 and collected data from a 5 000-people sample of the population. Respondents evaluated 220 brands across 9 sectors.



In the list of the Czech Republic’s most popular companies in terms of customer service, ZOOT made it to the top 100 coming in at 20th place. In the retail sector alone, ZOOT took second place out of all nine listed.



“We really appreciate this result and are pleased with how people perceive our company. At the same time, it makes us want to strive to continually improve. ZOOT is built on customer service and we’re forever trying to deliver a customer service that has that something extra”, said Jiří Caudr, ZOOT’s Marketing Director.



The results of the study show that Czech customers are no longer just interested in prices, but in the overall value that they get for their money. Most of all, customers appreciate companies that have a fair approach and are quick to fix mistakes.



A complete list of the results can be found on:  www.nejlepsi.cx